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Aldrich, USA
The market leader in organic & inorganic chemicals and product for Material Science research.
Supelco, USA
Chromatography products : GC, HPLC, Sample preparation and reference standards
Cerilliant, USA
Analytical standards for forensic, clinical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, environmental testing and research, custom organic synthesis of neat reference materials.

Lipomed, Switzerland
Narcotic drugs standards
Chiron, Norway
High quality analytical reference standards for petrochemistry, forensic science, pharmaceutical chemistry, environmental control and food-and-beverage safety
LGC, England
High quality manufacturer and distributor of certified and analytical reference materials, ..
Dr. Ehrenstorfer, Germany
Standards for residue analysis

Duksan, Korea
High Purity Solvent
Witega, Germany
Synthetic organic components, active ingredients, fine chemicals and reference substances
Cambridge Isotpes
Stable isotope labeled compounds and Fine deuterated solvents